Three Marketing Approaches: SEO, Growth Hacking and Earned Media


Search engine optimization or SEO has always been known as the process to increase awareness or visibility of a business or website when people do keyword searches on the search engines (especially Google and Yahoo for Hong Kong businesses). The main role/job of a local SEO company in Hong Kong is to ensure your business website (and its web pages) appear among the top unpaid (or natural) search results on Google and Yahoo (in HK).

SEO is effective for HK companies working in B2B as it can continue to evolve by keeping up pace with mobile and Hon Kong local search. SEO when it is implemented correctly with the input of an expert or consultant, it is a cost-effective way to keep your brand competitive with many other bigger brands in your industry. It is natural and simple for local Hong Kong users (or your target audience) to search on Google/Yahoo for your product.

There has been a common misperception when people think SEO is a stand-alone marketing tactic, even in Hong Kong. In fact it is not like that. The successful of a local Hong Kong SEO campaign should be achieved by many tactics together. It is set up to be the central hub for an effective inbound marketing strategy.

In growth hacking, all decisions are informed and driven by the opportunities for a possible growth. Traditionally, your product is defined as something (or items) to sell to the end consumers. But in the growth hacking concept, all products are tools for the next stages of growth. Similar to SEO in Hong Kong, growth hacking when it is done right, it is one of the methods with lowest cost. That is why growth hacking has become popular in recent years and that is why it is effective. Growth hacking is increasingly important in internet marketing because sales funnel is transforming into more customer-centric.

Often growth hacking is used mainly by startup companies (including Hong Kong startups). Many I.T. startups have made it a successful case. One main reason is that the startups mostly would have very limited marketing budget. Growth hacking doesn’t heavily rely on the amount of the actual monetary budget, but it borrows the product itself as a marketing tool. It combines creativity, analytical thinking and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. The initial end result is often the quick growth for acquiring the first 1,000 users for a specific product. Experienced growth hackers often make very good use of social media, viral marketing and other low-cost marketing alternatives.

Earned Media is often known as free PR or free media. It is about earning the publicity. The publicity is created through efforts other than paid advertising, and may take many forms. For example, a social media testimonial, a word of mouth, a local Hong Kong newspaper article or mention, etc are all earned media. The drawback is that earned media can only be gained organically, so it may initially take a long time to build. Earned media is believed to be effective because it comes through free advertising channels (or it is like a concept of free traffic). 

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Learn The Simplest Way To Complete Search engine optimization For The Site

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Need for Search engine optimization

Internet Search Engine Optimization is essential to make any web site internet search engine friendly. Whenever a site fulfills all of the criteria of Search engine optimization, it’s pressed towards top positions searching results. However, today internet search engine optimization isn’t as simple as it had been before because of the rapid alterations in google’s Ranking Algorithms.

Kinds Of Search engine optimization

Internet Search Engine Optimization is categorized into a double edged sword:

1. On-Page Optimization: It handles various factors including title tags, meta data, heading tags, other site contents etc.

2. Off-Page Optimization: It entirely handles the linking strategies or backlink building of the site.

Generally, people spent great deal of time in off-page optimization without having to pay attention for the on-page content, hence why they do not get success in building traffic. This information will show you how will you optimize your website using the On-Page optimizing factors.

On-Page Search engine optimization

First, you need to know what factors are based on the Off-Page Optimization they include:

Title tags

Meta data

Heading tags

Body texts

Anchor texts

Image alt tags

You have to optimize above factors together with your targeted keywords. Keywords are what individuals use to look online, and individuals keywords can lead to your website only when you rank on page one. Proper distribution of keywords within the above-pointed out areas will enhance your Search engine optimization scores within the eyes of internet search engine particularly Google.

However, to evaluate these 4 elements efficiently you should utilize some quality Search engine optimization software. Regrettably, these Search engine optimization tools cost 100’s of dollars, which its not all website owner are able to afford. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do Search engine optimization for the site, if you don’t are able to afford.

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7 Explanations Why Search engine optimization Continues To Be Not Dead

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A large number of business proprietors believe that Search engine optimization is dying. The truth is Search engine optimization is showing no indications of slowing lower and it is still a vital part for your online success. Lots of people believe Search engine optimization is really a dying exercise because of the fact that there are plenty of algorithms being introduced every year, however these are just set up to enhance the users’ functionality and pleasure, helping them find exactly what they’re searching for.

Search engine optimization is certainly greatly alive and kicking and is a vital tool to the online success if done correctly. You will find right ways and wrong methods for doing internet search engine marketing and if you wish to succeed online, improve your brand visibility and revel in ongoing success, you will want to make sure your time and efforts are now being conducted in the right way, meeting guidelines and rules to push your company one stage further.

The very first reason Search engine optimization continues to be not dead may be the importance it’s for search engines like google. Without internet search engine optimization, search engines like google would be unable to help users find exactly what they’re searching for and point them in direction of an internet site that will help all of them with the services or products they require.

As pointed out formerly, when Search engine optimization is performed right it really works an aspiration. What this means is making certain you do not overuse keywords, write engaging content, utilize backlink building, do offline marketing and utilize social networking to improve visibility and improve your business continuing to move forward.

Search engine optimization continues to be alive since it gives searchers what they need. Without internet search engine optimization finding anything online will be a complete nightmare. Years back anybody could write anything, they might put any keywords they wanted to their site in line with the greatest searches after which attract searchers for their page, if the searcher was searching for your particular service or product or otherwise. Using the chances that occured through the years, without Search engine optimization this is much worse, departing online users frustrated, angry and not able to locate what they desire rapidly and effectively.

One more reason Search engine optimization isn’t dead it it provides company’s a great return of investment. Creating a professional website, investing in internet marketing, hiring anyone to manage your Search engine optimization campaign every cost money. Should you be spending these funds and never seeing results, this is frustrating and disheartening. While internet search engine optimization isn’t an overnight success story also it needs time to work and dedication, it will give a roi over time.

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5 Useful Things an internet site Search engine optimization Grader Tool Can Perform for the Website

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The key to your Search engine optimization is the website itself. It isn’t your links, your social presence, or perhaps your online marketing strategy, they’re just supporting your site. You have to give more focus on the optimization that you simply do in your website.

There are lots of things that can be done to optimize your site, from altering your site structure, eliminating dead links, maintaining a great keyword density, and so forth. But, with no proper tool to evaluate your site optimization aspects, you’re left at nighttime, not understanding what you ought to do in order to enhance your website ranking. Here is how the web site Search engine optimization grader helps to help you to complete the best factor. Listed here are 5 useful things an internet site Search engine optimization grader tool might help your site for much better optimization and visibility:

1. Helps Evaluate Your Site Performance

Let us picture this scenario for any minute. You’ve established your site in the ground-up, 2 yrs ago. But, it appears you don’t use whatever great deal of traffic coming aimed at your website regularly. The thing is that your site is getting much less visitors each month. What’s truly the problem may be? You have to examine your site completely. This is when a good web site Search engine optimization grader can help you, the Search engine optimization grader analyzes your site performance completely, page by page then it offers a superior the required information which helps you to enhance your website structure.

2. Helps Fix Problematic Pages in your Website

The thing is that some pages in your website show up on the various search engines, while some aren’t. Actually, more often than not, some pages in your website aren’t being indexed by the various search engines whatsoever. They are that which you call problematic pages. There are several big explanations why your problematic pages appear to become overlooked through the internet search engine robots. Again, website Search engine optimization grader will help find out the problem and connect the problematic pages in order that it could be indexed and rated around the internet search engine result page.

3. Helps Out perform your Competitor

One other way the internet Search engine optimization grader tool can help you would be to monitor what your competition do, and one-up them. By outdoing them, this means that you simply focus on a much better Search engine optimization strategy than your competition. Should they have built 100 links for his or her website, you are able to one-up them because they build more links for the website. Should they have 1,000 social networking supporters, you are able to one-up them by aiming to obtain more social networking supporters. In this manner, you will get only quality links your competition are becoming and out perform them naturally.

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Keep Search engine optimization Experts In Your Corner and Reap Online Success!


Getting your web business ending up in success is entirely another proposition altogether. The guidelines of play for business promotion in tangible-existence companies never apply here. For instance, you have to fulfill various responsibilities and overheads like pricey advertisements, appointing an audience of promoting personnel and operating branches in lots of metropolitan areas, if you wish to get the “big business” and feature voluminous turnover such companies. The good thing of internet clients are however small your company entity is, you are able to thrive greatly with profits and roi (return on investment). With this you must know the magical term Search engine optimization.

Internet search engine optimization may be the exercise that promotes your site, regardless of its size or business volume, among countless online population thronging the web from over the countries around the globe. How big such online human population is really amazing. Based on the latest statistics for that period ending June 2014 some 42.73% from the world’s population log to the internet world for various purposes mostly for purchasing products, merchandises and services.

You will concur this is one thing phenomenal of the audience which you’ll get nowhere else. Your web business can reduce a lion’s share of these a large business volume, if perhaps you decide on and with you professional Search engine optimization experts to popularize your site, and therefore your company all over the net.

Search engine optimization is really a concept altering frequently, in compliance with the preferred choice of the internet search engine crawlers that pick and project your website’s link conspicuously within their indices. Popular search engines like google adopt strict methodology, for awarding top-ranking to websites based on the “quality of content” of every website, after which only put the web-links of individuals sites at top-pages within their search index.

Professional Search engine optimization experts are thorough using these latest changes, and rehearse best-suited, customized and different Search engine optimization tactics for every website, to ensure they are search-engine friendly and obtain them top-rankings. Therefore it becomes vital that you trust the job of the website’s promotion simply to experienced and expert Search engine optimization professionals.

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