UPS helps to safeguard your data

UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is a device that allows your computer to run for a short period of time, even after power loss. It has a battery that kick starts the moment it senses a power loss. It also protects you from power surges. The UPS gives the user a chance to save their data before the data is lost due to a power cut. The jupiter td 10 kva is one of the best UPS for computers.

Types of UPS

  • Voltage and frequency independent (VFI): This type of UPS is also called double conversion or dual. They rectify the incoming AC to DC in order to keep the batteries charged in case of power loss. It drives the inverter that creates a steady AC power that helps to run the equipment for a short time even after power loss.
  • Voltage independent (VI): The name true line interactive UPS also knows it. They have a controlled output voltage with similar frequency of input as compared to output. The rectifier ensures that battery is charged.
  • Voltage and frequency-dependent (VFD): Voltage and frequency-dependent UPS are also referred as standby UPS. It is quite similar to VI UPS thus are sometimes called line interactive.

What is mercury diamond start UPS?

Mercury Diamond Start is a UPS that has great back-up power. It has an automatic voltage adjustment that ensures that work remains uninterrupted even in case of power loss. This one has an advanced circuit design along with a stabilizer to safeguard your data from problems like power outages, short circuits, surges, etc. This helps the computer and other electronic devices to run smoothly as if there was no interruption caused because of power loss. This gives the user time to safeguard the data that they were working on.

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