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Cloud hosting is the best way to outward an organization’s computing and storage resources to a server provider that offers its infrastructure services in a utility model. The cloud hosting provider keeps an eye on the setup, cloud infrastructure, security and maintenance, etc. The cloud hosting compute and the storage resources are spread out across hundreds of virtual machines (VM) that load balance I/O demands in a cloud infrastructure configuration. The cloud hosting prototype is a cheaper alternative to the traditional dedicated server model that requires companies to build and manage their own data centers. In the traditional type of model, servers, and storage, with dedicated hardware and virtual resources, reside on-premises and can be a costly capital and operating expense for organizations. 

The benefits of cloud hosting are as follows:    

  • One of the main benefits of cloud hosting is, it provides significant capital and operations savings to organizations as they don’t have to spend on the initial capital cost link with owning and managing data centers. 
  • Cloud hosting also has the ability to scale more efficiently, by using and paying only for the resources they need.
  • Moreover, data retention becomes more simplified process by eliminating the costly management of disks and tape systems. 
  • Nowadays, companies are using a cloud hosting service to get data protection benefits such as high availability and disaster recovery. Lots of companies prefer a hybrid model that mixes, compute and store the resources residing on-premises with compute and storage in a cloud provider’s environment. 

Other than the above-mentioned benefits some of the prominent benefits of cloud hosting are as follows:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost-efficient 
  • Scalability in building applications 
  • Websites and other services

The main reason behind this is that users can scale as needed, the users are charged only for the services they used and no need to pay for any unused resources. This makes cloud hosting a relatively inexpensive method of storage. 

Top vendors/providers:

Prominent cloud hosting providers include MilesWeb, DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Google cloud platform, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure. AWS and DigitalOcean managed hosting are the dominant players in the market, offering extensive computing services in several regions and zones than other providers. Azure and Google have gained value in recent years. 

Amazon AWS managed hosting offers its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to handle compute services, along with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Glacier for storage. On the other hand, Google offers its Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Google cloud storage for the enterprise. Microsoft Azure provides Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets and their storage includes blob, file and queue storage. DigitalOcean provides best in class cloud hosting services to deploy and scale seamlessly. 

Features offered by DigitalOcean are as follows:


  • Kubernetes in minutes 
  • Flexible compute types  
  • 1-click app marketplace 
  • Global availability 


  • Resize
  • Load Balancers 
  • Floating IP’s 
  • Pay for what you use 


  • Managed databases 
  • Object storage 
  • Block storage 
  • Backups and snapshots


  • Cloud firewalls 
  • Private networking 
  • Team management 


  • Natively integrated 
  • Resource metrics 
  • Real-time alerts

Moreover, MilesWeb is the leading cloud hosting partner of DigitalOcean that manages your droplets and knock out the obstacles, the complexity of managing your cloud and save your precious hours for your business. MilesWeb offers different cloud hosting plans namely from V1 to V14. In that, V1 plan starts at Rs.645/month 1GB, 1vCPU, 25GB SSD disk space storage, 1TB bandwidth, etc. 

Apart from the mentioned features, the server location plays an important role when it comes to website performance. In that, the DigitalOcean cloud platform is available at various locations around the world. Namely, these regions are India, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada, etc. You can choose anyone according to your requirements. You can have different choices for operating systems such as Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian, CoreOS, etc. 

If you’re looking for a cloud hosting provider to manage your DigitalOcean droplets then MilesWeb would be the ideal choice for you.

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