Is RRR really good?

The new action blockbuster “RRR”, directed by S.S. rajamuri, lasted as long as 3 hours and caused a heated discussion on the global network. Why did it cause a sensation? Is it really worth seeing? Click here to watch free RRR 2022 full movie online, and you can also Watch Action Movies Online Free.

The Indian blockbuster RRR, which was released in March this year, has been listed among the blockbusters of 2022. What makes many people happy is that it has really lived up to expectations. “RRR” is a high-intensity action film made by S. S. rajamuri, a director of tolywood. This director is famous for the blockbuster “King bahobali: the beginning of the world” and “King bahobali 2: the magnificent ending”. Both films are successful film phenomena in the world. With RRR, S. S. rajamuri once again created a blockbuster film in India and around the world. Although the film lasted for three hours, it did not become an obstacle to audiences around the world.

As the largest budget Indian film to date, RRR tells the story of Rama Raju and komran BIM, two characters based on real Indian revolutionaries during the British Empire’s colonial period in India in the early 20th century. Under the influence of music, RRR tells a highly fictional story with a very real origin with undisguised rough movements in a typical Bollywood style. RRR has caused a sensation on the Internet and won the championship in the international film area of Netflix for several weeks. But is it really worth seeing?

From the first scene, RRR attracted the audience with cruel action scenes and straightforward story introduction. It is clear from the beginning that this film is first an action film, but like many Indian films, it still develops an emotional attraction at the core of the story. S. S. rajamuli’s films have always maintained this personality. The shooting of RRR uses a lot of real scenes and flesh and blood extras, which makes each scene feel real. However, this does not mean that the CGI technology used in the fantasy scenes is not amazing. Although many special effects of this film are not very realistic by Hollywood standards, its visual effects are beyond the reach of many Hollywood blockbusters. From the narrative point of view, one of the greatest advantages of RRR is that the film follows the journey of two main characters and has undergone various dramatic changes. It shows how Lanma Raju has evolved from a police soldier who disobeys his will to a high-profile proud dancer on the street, then to a Rambo style tolywood hero, and then to return to being a police officer in trouble. Each step has new personality characteristics.

RRR makes full use of every scene. Although it runs for a long time, the movie does not make people feel that the rhythm is too fast or slow. It uses appropriate action rhythm and special lens processing to avoid sensory overload. Of course, the subtlety of RRR lies in that it conveys an illogical stimulus. The heroes are almost invincible. Moreover, the formation of one person and two people against one regiment is like a “divine drama”, but it is still full of suspense and a new kind of action enjoyment. The interaction between Raju played by ram Charan and BIM played by NT Rama Rao Jr. is enriched by the chemical reaction between the actors. Although the main and despicable villain, governor baxten, looks really hated, he is “elegantly” played by ray Stevenson, the star of the Punisher: War Zone, showing a unique evil.

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