Electronic Body Music (EBM) – Influential Bands and Artists

Electronic body music, or just ‘EBM,’ because it is usually known by fans, is definitely an subterranean genre of electronic music that originated in early 1980’s in Europe. Today the genre’s group of followers remains centered in Europe, although it also maintains a considerable following in The United States, Japan and Australia.

EBM combines the attitude of commercial music with sounds lent using their company electronic subgenres to produce aggressive and harsh yet danceable beats and tunes. Kraftwerk is attributed with the development of the word ‘electronic body music,’ though stylistically their music wouldn’t generally come under the recognized meaning of EBM today.

EBM has altered in lots of ways since its creation in early 80’s, although it has retained a lot of its original elements too. Numerous bands have led to the genre through the years a couple of of the very most influential ones are profiled below.

Front 242

Though ‘electronic body music’ may owe its name to Kraftwerk, not one other band has been doing more to define the genre’s seem than Front 242. Heavily affected by electro-industrial functions from the 1970’s, Front 242 was created almost 30 years ago near The city, Belgium and produced an infinitely more accessible and danceable seem than had formerly been known in industrial music. The self-announced ‘fathers of EBM’ – Front 242’s seem has become frequently viewed as the textbook illustration of EBM at its purist. This guitar rock band has continued to be active because the early 1980s and it is people also have took part in numerous side projects. Additionally to getting performed a vital role in the introduction of EBM, Front 242 can also be probably the most well-known music projects ever to leave Belgium.

Nitzer Ebb

Alongside Front 242, Nitzer Ebb is among the most influential EBM bands within the genre’s history. This guitar rock band began out in early 1980s in Kent, England. More militaristic within their seem and imagery than Front 242, this guitar rock band found a sizable following in England and abroad. Nitzer Ebb split up within the mid 90’s but reunited for any world tour in the year 2006 and also have since started again recording of recent material.

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