Best Free CRM Tools For Automating Marketing Tasks

Among a wide assortment of CRM software, you will also get a few free CRM tools that are designed just as a marketing platform. These tools will have specific features, such as campaign automation that make these tools worthy of investment. Apart from this feature alone, you will also get a comprehensive combination of other elements in these CRMs that will make it a powerful tool for your marketing purpose. This will help you to keep your marketing efforts and the resultant sales perfectly aligned. Therefore, look out for these particular marketing and sales apps within the CRM platform to manage your other set of tools.

Share better information

This specific marketing app, along with your own set of tools such as the faculty management software will help you to share more information in a much better way at the contact level. For example, if you have a marketing team that is entrusted with the job of collecting business cards from the visitors at a tradeshow, they will be benefitted from this tool while creating contacts. They will have easy access to such information to ensure better marketing and higher sales. This will make their efforts much easier.

Perform specific actions

The most significant benefit of this tool is that it will allow you to create particular conditions that will enable your marketing team members to perform particular actions during a campaign. It is for these particular benefits that you should look for rather than the CRM price when you choose one. These particular functions include sending an automated email to a lead when they visit the page of your case studies, asking them whether or not they want to learn more about how your company helped those specific customers. The lead, in this case, acts as the trigger to perform a particular campaign.

Create better campaigns

You can create better campaigns using these tools that usually have a library of triggers for leads, contacts, events, forms, calls, SMS, and more. You can drag and drop the actions called nodes that you want to perform, depending on the conditions that you have set with the trigger. In the example given above, the lead visiting the case study page, the Node may add a task for the owner of that lead to send an email or a text asking whether they would like to be connected to the sales rep.

Engage the visitors

You can even engage the website visitors using these CRM systems. You can create surveys, pop-ups, and forms. These will only appear after a specific condition or set of conditions is met. You can create multiple conditions that will entice the visitors to get engaged. You will need to use the page conditions like the page URL, contact data such as the job title, shopping cart conditions, and geography. You will also be able to engage them by creating better emails, landing pages, pop-ups, and forms by using the prebuilt templates. You may also customize your own with images and social sharing buttons easily to achieve your marketing goals.

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