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Favorites toolbar missing? How to restore my favorites list in windows 10 [SOLVED]

After upgrading to windows 10 you must be facing an issue of your saved favorites and search history, earlier windows version keepsĀ  record of all your saved bookmarks and let you use it after each upgrade. But upgrading IE to Microsoft edge the recorded favorites are not automatically synchronized, there are few steps to make it possible and import your favorites. Favorites toolbar is not missing in windows 10, its upto the user that he/she wants to view the favorite toolbar or not, windows 10 providing an ease to user that they can easily manage the settings manually and make their favorites toolbar accessible and import earlier recorder or saved data into Microsoft edge as favorites list and access it easily.

Favorites toolbar missing:

You must be wondering that where is your favorites toolbar and why it is being missing in the Microsoft edge, though favorites toolbar is not missing in the windows 10. There are few steps to identify your toolbar in windows 10 and it can be accessible easily by following these simple steps.

  1. Open Microsoft edge:

Using the search menu or open the browser using desktop icon.

fav 1

2. Click on the Star and move to settings:
fav 2

Star visible with lines describes the hub, while clicking on it you can access history, favorites, books and downloads. Each tab is different and can be easily accessible using these options.

3. Click on the favorites settings:

fav 3

By enabling this toolbar you can easily access favorites bar in the Microsoft edge, and can also enable the list be importing it from another browser.

Restore my favorites list:

After windows 10 upgrade, earlier used version of windows keeps a record of your favorites list and let you consider it and use it after an upgrade but moving to Microsoft edge or Chrome from Internet explorer in windows 10, you need to import your favorites list from chrome or Internet explorer and do the same in any browser to get your recorded/saved list using these simple steps.

Import Favorites list in Microsoft edge:

Follow the above steps same and enable the favorites bar in the browser and click on Import favorites and other info.

fav 4

You can simple click on the given option to import all your recorded data and access in the current browser you are using.

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fav 5

Choose any of the given option, as earlier updated information available in any of the browser can be easily import and you can easily make use of it for free using these simple steps.

fav 66

This will be the outcome, as you can now access the favorites list imported by Google chrome. You can easily counter these results and follow these general steps with an image tutorial to get an easy access.

Import favorites list from Google chrome:

Open Google chrome in windows 10 and move to settings.

fav 6

Move to settings of the google chrome and choose Import bookmark and setting.

fav 7

By clicking on the Import Bookmark and setting, a pop up box will appear with below information and you can easily import

fav 8

Chrome also provide the same options to transfer the recorded data with an easy option, you can access these simple steps manually and make change according to your need.

Import favorites using html file:

If you have saved html file in your system you can easily import it in the browser, chrome and Microsoft edge both are providing an option to import favorites using the html file as well. So if you are aware of the stored file than use the above steps to import it and make use of it.

These are some possible outcome of your query as you can easily get the results and manage it manually for free, these steps are easy to access and let you gain back your mostly visited websites or saved links for free.